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3 Tips To Prevent Your Roof From Being Damaged By High Winds

12 May 2017
Environmental, Blog

If you live in an area that is prone to windy conditions or major storms that cause a lot of wind, you might worry about your home being damaged because of it. For example, you could be concerned about shingles blowing off of your roof or your roof otherwise being damaged. Luckily, there are a few steps that you can take that can help you avoid this storm damage. 1. Make Sure Your Roof is Properly Ventilated
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Flat Panels Vs. Round Tubes: Which Solar Pool Heaters Should You Get?

7 March 2017
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

Solar pool heaters are the latest craze. These devices absorb the sun's rays and then convert that energy into heat for your pool. You could have a warm pool all year round, even in winter (if you do not mind the cold and the snow while you swim!). Yet, there are a couple of different ways to collect the solar energy. Flat panels are the most common, but newer products like the solar tubes tout more warmth for extended periods of time.
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How Can You Boost Your Waste Management Salary?

12 February 2016
 Categories: Environmental, Articles

If you're currently employed as a sanitation worker or otherwise work in the waste management field, you may be investigating ways to increase your salary. While this field often pays well, physically demanding jobs like this can often take a toll on your body, routing you toward an early retirement if you're not able to transition to a more sedentary role -- and with bills to pay and other financial obligations, saving for an early retirement on your current salary may seem like an impossible task.
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The Benefits Of Agile Software Development In Regulatory Projects

22 January 2016
 Categories: Environmental, Articles

Businesses and organizations across the United States must adhere to ever-changing regulatory requirements, and software development projects often come about in response to a change in regulation. Financial institutions and medical businesses are particularly prone to changes in the law, and a reliance on software means that core systems must continually adapt and evolve. Agile software development methodology is increasingly popular for this type of project. Here are three crucial reasons why.
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Construction Contractors: Do You Know What Your Hired Cement Truck Drivers Are Doing With Their Washout Slurry?

15 January 2016
 Categories: Environmental, Articles

Do you own a construction company and hire subcontractors to mix and pour concrete foundations? If so, pay close attention to how those cement truck drivers take care of their trucks at the end of the day. If they aren't taking the proper measures to wash out their trucks' chutes hoppers, and drums, you could be contributing to environmental harm and leaving yourself susceptible to steep fines imposed by the Environmental Protection Agency.
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