3 Tips To Prevent Your Roof From Being Damaged By High Winds

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3 Tips To Prevent Your Roof From Being Damaged By High Winds

3 Tips To Prevent Your Roof From Being Damaged By High Winds

12 May 2017
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If you live in an area that is prone to windy conditions or major storms that cause a lot of wind, you might worry about your home being damaged because of it. For example, you could be concerned about shingles blowing off of your roof or your roof otherwise being damaged. Luckily, there are a few steps that you can take that can help you avoid this storm damage.

1. Make Sure Your Roof is Properly Ventilated

Ensuring that your roof is properly ventilated is more important than you might think. Without proper ventilation, heavy winds can be more prone to lifting your shingles off of your roof. If you aren't sure of whether or not your roof has the ventilation that it needs, you should consider working with a roofing professional, who can check the ventilation of your roof and make any necessary repairs or improvements.

2. Inspect Your Roof Regularly

Along with ensuring that your roof is properly ventilated to help prevent wind-related damage, you'll also want to inspect your roof regularly to ensure that it's in good condition. Things like loose shingles might not really seem like a big deal, but these shingles can fly off of your roof during periods of heavy wind. Inspecting your roof before it becomes damaged can allow you to take steps, such as by nailing shingles down or replacing them, to help prevent more serious damage from occurring. You might be able to inspect your own roof by climbing carefully up a ladder and looking for loose shingles, leaks and other signs that your roof is in need of repair, but if you are like a lot of homeowners, you might find that you are better off leaving this job up to a professional. Then, you can avoid injuries and stay safe while ensuring that your roof is being thoroughly inspected and properly repaired.

3. Keep an Eye on Your Trees

Not only do you have to worry about your roof being damaged by the wind, but you also have to worry about it being damaged by the things that the wind blows around. For example, if you have dead tree limbs on your trees, they could be prone to snapping, breaking and hitting your roof. Additionally, if you have limbs that hang over your home, they could "scrub" the top of your home during periods of heavy wind, causing damage. Keeping your trees properly trimmed can help you prevent these issues.

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